“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to steal your Heart away” (Glen Campbell)

DEAR USA (only joking, too costly by half)

I would like to know exactly WHAT term CAN be used for those who care for more than narrow self-interest, who believe that the State owes a duty to it’s Citizens and not vice-versa, who think there is nobility in extending a helping hand to those less fortunate or able, who condemn the acquisition of obscene wealth in order to buy Power over others while over half the world starves, who abhor simple-minded Nationalism and bigotry, Religious intolerance and persecution or the imposition of Religious dogma on anyone for any reason, who decry the insane eagerness to wage war and make billionaires of death-dealers, environmental polluters, Private Military Contractors and venal jingoistic Politicians who use hatred towards others as stepping stones to Dictatorship?

Just what CAN we call anyone who cares more for the future of Humanity than their own short-term selfishness and greed or who wants equality of opportunity for all and money (IF we HAVE to have it) spent on education not Guns, a civilisation based on ADULT awareness and sensibilities rather than adolescent ego-centrism and a desire to do others out of what they need?

It appears that all the GOOD words have been perverted, co-opted to serve vested interests and deride or insult anyone who still has a Soul, a Mind, a Heart.

By the same token what words can truly describe those of the opposite motivations, the too-dumb-to-know-how-dumb they are, the wilfully ignorant who deem knowledge to be dangerous, the resolutely self-centred, determinedly short-sighted, narcisistically driven, oblivious of their own vulnerability and uncaring of that of others, those who sacrifice all to the God Mammon and who know the PRICE of everything but the VALUE of nothing? What do we call THESE people?

Whatever nomenclature we settle on, one thing is guaranteed. There is NO Law that says Humans have a right to exist, there is NO Sacred Covenant that will absolve us of our heresies and blasphemies against Nature. The Universe does not give a damn about our survival and we will not be missed when the NEXT Extinction Event occurs. All that is debatable is how soon will we bring down the Apocalypse on our heads and how painful will it be.

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